Voice, Internet, and Cable Service Solutions

Titanium Technology Solutions saves our clients time and money by combing their cable, Internet, and voice needs into one package. We are partners with over 100+ cable, Internet, voice, and cloud providers (including Bright House Networks, Centurylink, Vonage Business, and many more) and can often save you money compared with shopping direct. Additionally, we add value to your services as we serve as your single point of contact [...]

The BYOD Dilemma for Small Business Owners

From checking work email on an Android smartphone, to updating balance sheets on a personal iPad, more and more employees are using personal devices for work related functions. The bring your own device (BYOD) era is here and small business owners need to be prepared for the proliferation of personal devices at the work environment. From cost savings to security concerns, there is no debate that there are advantages and disadvantages to BYOD. [...]

Simple SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires constant adjustments and long term monitoring, however there are a few steps that small businesses can take which can have a huge impact on their website rankings. For those of you that are new to this concept, SEO is the process of improving a website to increase traffic from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If you are already worried that this will be too difficult for you, don’t worry, we will walk you through a few simple tips for long term success and growth of your small business. [...]

The Cost of Retroactive IT Support

IT support can be approached from two directions: retroactively fixing problems after they arise or proactively fixing them before they can have an impact. Retroactive approaches can be cheaper in the short-term but how much more will you spend in the long-term? Monetary cost is only one factor associated with a under-maintained technology however; for a business to truly understand the overall cost it must fully look at the liability resulting from data breach, the loss of productivity during down-time, setbacks after data loss, and the other indirect costs associated with IT failure. [...]

Technology Evolves - Our New Website

After extensive feedback from our clients located in Central Florida we realized they were looking for more then just a few pretty pictures on our website, but more detail on services we provide such as data encryption, backups, VoIP, virtualization, SEO and other technology services. We quickly got to work on our new website, starting completely from scratch. After several months of tireless work, today we are excited to roll out our new and improved website which features more in-depth information regarding our services as well as featured [...]