Hardware & Software Procurement Services

Purchasing Uncomplicated

Titanium Technology Solutions has the experience to provide informed purchasing decisions. We offer a wide-range of services to assist your company with technology procurement, consulting, and asset management.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Technology changes every day! Workstations, laptops, interactive-whiteboards, printers, computer software, or the other technology you need can all be very overwhelming. Titanium Technology Solutions has the experience to fit the best product to your company needs and budget. Our solutions architects ensure that your purchase is properly licensed and/or covered by an industry leading warranty. Our procurement services integrate tightly with your whole technology solutions, allowing for a seamless, budget-friendly procurement process.


The guy in the that chain computer store doesn't really know... Our solutions architects are highly trained and up-to-date on the latest technology.

Not only do we make sure you make the right purchase, we make sure it's configured and installed correctly, and maintained with your service agreement. Let Titanium Technology Solutions help you with the tough decisions.

Technology Consulting

It can be difficult to adapt your existing technology with new tech! Our highly informed staff have the experience to have an educated conversation with your business regarding industry trends and best practices to help you make an educated decision. Titanium Technology Solutions can also take the guess work out of licensing requirements. Our trained staff will advise your company on the licensing limitations of any product you may purchase, avoiding an unexpected surprise down the line.


As your business evolves, it is harder to keep track of your assets and digital assets are increasingly complicated. We offer complete asset management solutions for your business.

Contact us and let us design a procurement and asset management solution for your business today!