Backup and Encryption Services

Data Secured

We protect our client's reputations by securing sensitive data from theft or loss while promoting connectivity and accessibility. Technology can be unpredictable, let Titanium Technology Solutions design a set of services to assist your business with the unexpected.

Secure Cloud Backup

70% of small businesses have experienced a loss of their most valuable asset, their data. Secure cloud backup services from Titanium Technology Solutions are a cost effective way of protecting your important business data from loss resulting from natural disaster, theft, technological failure, or accidental deletion. We offer a range of solutions to fit your environment: laptops, workstations, external storage, or even servers and databases, all rolled into automatic and affordable piece-of-mind protection.


Our backup solutions are better than out-dated, insecure, unreliable, and time-consuming manual backup methods. Our cloud backup solutions protect all business data continuously and securely (100% encrypted) in the cloud available from anywhere, just in-case something goes wrong.

Cloud backup solutions from Titanium Technology Solutions can be used as an all inclusive loss prevention or just another layer in your business disaster recovery plan.

Data Encryption

Unencrypted devices contain confidential client and employee information, trade secrets, and other proprietary business data that can be detrimental to your business in the wrong hands. One in every 14 employee laptops are either lost or stolen during their usable life. Business's may even be found legally at fault for confidential data leaks as a result of loss or theft and may be liable for tens-of-thousands of dollars in monetary compensation. Data encryption solutions from Titanium Technology Solutions can protect your company's reputation from the embarrassment resulting from theft or loss.


Mobile technology has opened a new vector for thieves and attackers! Tablets, cell phones, and netbooks can much easier be misplaced or stolen and often have sensitive data on them that we do not realize is there.

Our Technology Solutions Architects are experts in data leak vectors and will design a solution to completely protect your business from data leaks.

Cloud-Based Data Storage

Today, business isn't confined to the walls of the office. Globally, up to 20 per-cent of employees telecommute to perform their daily work related tasks. Collaboration and access to company data, documents, and other information is the key to productivity in the modern era. Single-point data hinders efficiency which could cost your company money and even business deals. Cloud-based data storage and sharing from Titanium Technology Solutions can increase productivity and profits within your company.


The ability to work on your earnings report from your tablet on the train as easily as your workstation at your office is the cornerstone of cloud storage. Global accessibility combined with collaboration and sharing tools increases productivity and drives higher profits margins.

Titanium Technology Solutions can provide a intelligent and secure cloud-based data system solution to fit your business needs, size, and budget.