Physical Security Solutions

Property Secured

Protect your business from an increasing number of physical security threats. We offer a complete set of solutions: from video surveillance to real-time access control auditing Titanium Technology Solutions can help make your business more secure.


Situational awareness is vital to every industry: from manufacturing to the service industry, complete and real-time information is essential to your business. Video Surveillance solutions from Titanium Technology Solutions provide a cost effective approach to high definition security systems. Our Technology Solutions Architects will design a solution to meet your business needs giving you complete situation awareness of your business 24/7, from anywhere!


Our Video Surveillance solutions can include state-of-the-art video and audio analytic features. From facial recognition to glass break sound analytics, the possibilities are endless. Our expert Technology Solutions Architects will access your company for attack vectors and recommend features and services to fit your company's needs and budget. Contact us today and we'll let you know how we can help your business be more secure.


Physical access control can be difficult with a lock and key. High-tech access control systems allow a business to compartmentalize their access with time controls, access control, audit logs, and other logic events. With greater control, your business can prevent theft, control and limit access, and understand how their facilities are being used.


Titanium Technology Solutions are experts integrating technology to meet the needs of our customer. Our Technology Solutions Architects can combine access control and HD video surveillance, allowing for a greater sense of awareness. Contact us today and we'll show you how we can help make your business more secure!