Network Security Solutions

Technology Secured

We offer a complete set of solutions to protect your business from an increasing number of electronic threats: from anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to real-time intrusion prevention and detection systems, Titanium Technology Solutions can help make your business network more secure.

Malware & Virus Prevention

Every month over 2 million computers are infected by computer virus threats and they cost businesses millions of dollars every year! Viruses and Malware decrease employee efficiency, compromise your business data, and put your company as risk for loss and theft. Titanium Technology Solutions offers a complete set of services that can protect your company's data from damage or theft and keep your employees productive!


Through real-time monitoring our Technology Solutions Architect can help your business get back on track after a virus or malware outbreak. Assisting with outbreak sterilization and recovery.

We are experts in computer incident response giving your company feedback along the way to help prevent another incident from happening. Contact us today and we'll let you know how we can help your business be more secure.


Every year an increasing number of attackers steal personal and confidential information as well as trade secrets. These breaches, as well any data loss associated with them, can cost a company everything. Titanium Technology Solutions offers a multi-level approach to protect your business from data breaches and theft. Through the use of computer network firewalls and intrusion detection systems, we are able to prevent unauthorized access as well as adapt to incoming threats.


Titanium Technology Solutions is an expert in threat and attack vectors analysis, allowing us to build a comprehensive defense grid to protect your business from attackers. Our solutions include periodic network security audits that highlight your business network vulnerabilities allowing us to prevent a data breach from happening.

Let Titanium Technology Solutions help make your computer network more secure and less vulnerable to threats.